fredag den 4. november 2011


Hi every one. Wish you all a lovely week-end. I've tried to make some moodboards and I find it rather fun. I'm now participating in 2 Olioboards contests.

A dancers room and Fantasy inspired bedroom for a 6 year old.
I really could need some votes, pleeeease. All you need to do is make an account  here at You don't have to make a moardboard if you don't want to. And please remember to vote.

You'll find the links to vote here:

 a dancer's room

a dancer's room

a dancer's room

torsdag den 20. oktober 2011

Adorable photos of animals

Here is some adorable animalphotos. Oh so cute. All found here at Pinterest

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

On a day like this

Today it's raining, no it's pouring down from a gray, gray sky. But then it's so good I can stay inside and I have Pinterest. I found some favorite things here:

Wish I were here:

What a cute nailpolish:

Love this. So adorable

søndag den 18. september 2011

One of my favorite songs right now...!
I love the text and the melody.

onsdag den 14. september 2011

Fall inspiration

Fall is here. Look at all those colors. 

This image is found here

The rest of the images is found her via pinterest

torsdag den 25. august 2011

World Extreme Ironing Championships

Did you know that there once upon a time excisted a World Extreme Ironing Championship. I didn't. I don't think it excist anymore but here is some photos found here via

Britain has won the World Extreme Ironing Championships - from the top of an Alpine mountain.